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Netanya Tourism Guide

A Diamond on the Med is not just a nick name given to this City.

Netanya, is a true diamond which is only being descovered in these last few years with the help of many tourists that have started the visiting the great hotels in Netanya and enjoying the large variaty of restaurants and the activities that Netanya is offering its visitors.

Netanya is located on the beach of the mediterranean sea and only 10 minutes drive from Israels cultural capital, Tel Aviv, you can check our maps to see how easy it is to travel israel when you are based in Netanya.

Netanya not only offers a great starting point for your trip accross Israel and the Middle East, but also a great place to spend you days, with its great museums, galleries, culture events and other activities.

We hope you find everything you need for your visit to Netanya in our site and we would be glad to get your feedback in this line of surveys in order to make www.NetanyaTourism.org.il a better source for you and others.


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